A Slight Hitch

by The Shrugs

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released May 1, 2004



all rights reserved


The Shrugs Hamilton, New Zealand

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Track Name: Edge of the Earth
Out here in the distance
way out on the margin
we’re hanging on grimly
like bugs
to the edge of the earth
to the edge of the earth

On the lip of the chasm
I’m swooning above it
down there are the fires
that burn
on the edge of the earth
on the edge of the earth
Track Name: Snow and Lightning
when lightning strikes
does it strike twice?
or does the snow prevent it?

after the storm
circles of ice
from where the snow was melted

Snow and lightning

The heat
it liquefies
it takes no time
the snow it freezes over
Track Name: I'm a Liar
I can’t really tell you I mean everything I said
cos you know baby I’m a liar
break the glass and set it off
these are my favourite pants and they’re on fire

Because I get tired
and I say things that I could never mean
Because I get wired
and I say things that I could never mean

I don’t know which bits are true and which bits I made up
Cos you know baby I’m a liar
You better call the fire station, get them to send a truck
the flames around my nuts are getting higher
Track Name: Under Watercolour Skies
Under watercolour skies
where the painting blur the line
Under watercolour skies
when you were mine
Under watercolour skies

The sky is melting
onto my head again
the sky is melting
and I’m getting wet
the sky is melting
Track Name: I Wanna Feel Myself
wanna feel myself
I wanna feel myself
Don’t wanna feel like someone else
I’m tired of feeling someone else

When I’m walking down the street
Yeah I’m looking for some meat
you’re the kind of meat I eat
yeah you’re looking real sweet

They say we’re bloodless you know they’re right
yeah you and me baby just creatures of the night

When I’m flying through the sky
yeah I’m looking for a bite
you’re the kind of bite I like
come on let’s go for a ride

How can I, can I feel myself?
Yeah I wanna, wanna feel myself.
I wanna feel myself
I wanna feel myself
we wanna feel you too!
Track Name: Corrugated Iron
Well the mystery’s all in your head
Your Dad’s a bit wider read
all the action is off the court
but you’re not learning what you’ve been taught.

Corrugated iron
what’s the netball score?

It’s the game of which we’re most fond
it’s the perfect family bond
when you get a big netball score
all the boys will come back for more.
Track Name: Our Time
Listen to your Dad
and listen to your Mum
you know it’s just a game
and you know it’s supposed to be fun
don’t think about the last weekend
when the b-team kicked your bum

Oh yeah, it was our time

when you get the ball
just kick it in the net
don’t worry about the big guy
with the bandage on his head
yeah I know it’s really freezing
and the grass is soaking wet

For once you’re not the losers
you’re best team on the field
nine-nil up at full-time
tell me how good does it feel?
the other team are sad cunts
and they’re crushed beneath our heel