Grasshopper City

by The Shrugs

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released October 10, 2010



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The Shrugs Hamilton, New Zealand

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Track Name: Every Time I Look Up
We were standing outside watching shooting stars
You said, “hang on baby, that’s not who you are”
And then I finally realized things are different now
I don’t have to pretend to be anybody else

We were standing knee-deep catching jellyfish
You said “if you catch one you can make a wish”
I wished for an end to all this busyness
Going round in circles causes dizziness

And every time I look up I see things that shouldn’t be up there
I see Lucifer and all his angels in the atmosphere
And every time I look up I see Jeanne Duval and Baudelaire
And every time I look up I see you there

I’ll be lying face down watching grass grow up
Round my rotting ribs and through my broken heart
And then I’ll finally realise this is who we are
Jellyfish corpses and a shooting star
Track Name: Sumo on my Chest
I can feel a heavy weight like a sumo on my chest
It’s keeping me awake and it’s making me depressed
I wish I was a cop I’d put my bed under arrest

Yeah you gotta help me with this thing
(let’s just call it a breakdown)

I wrestle with my demons but I just can’t get a win
One of them is guilt and the other one is sin
They make a wicked tag team and they’ve always got me pinned

I stare at the alarm clock I feel just like Sara Kane
Too much Joy Division can drive anyone insane
I wish I was a cop I’d take a taser to my brain
Track Name: A Younger Version of Yourself
So you wanted to get laid
And to see your lay displayed
With a man who has a smile
Like a younger Dennis Quaid

Well he tells you that he’s crazy
And he makes you feel lazy
All he wants to do is salsa
Like a younger Patrick Swayze

And he wants to be a hero
And he makes you feel the fear, oh
He’s shaved himself a Mohawk
Like a young Robert De Niro

So the feeling disappears
This is gonna end in tears
And you wanna smash his windscreen
Like a younger Britney Spears
Track Name: The Sun is a Peach
All those wasted days
All those wasted days
All those wasted days
Collect them up and you could have a life

All those tattered ends
And forgotten friends
and it never ends
Collecting up the pieces of your life

Well the sun's a peach
watery and weak
peeking over trees
collect it up and you could have some light
Track Name: Tongan Trench
Soft love
I’ll follow you
Hard love
You’ll be true
Hard love
I can’t touch you
Precious you

Take me home
Take me home

I fear
No hurricane
I feel
No driving rain
No fear
Of death or pain
Can keep me
From your arms again
Track Name: The Tonguing of a Broken Tooth
PRC and WJ have a lot of things
They enjoy their money and the happiness it brings
Surround themselves with comfort but they still want more and more
The scratching of an itchy bite is to hard to ignore

PRC and WJ have a lot to hide
Particularly cavities secreted deep inside
They try to fill them in but you know emptiness persists
The tonguing of a broken tooth is too hard to resist

PRC and WJ lost a lot of friends
The kind of friends you buy don’t stick around until the end
You can’t pick them up second hand like a car or like a book
And breathing with a punctured lung is harder than it looks
Track Name: Hard to the Cross
Abandon all your hopelessness
Melancholic thoughts and fear
Open up your heart to him
The sacrificial son is here

And you could have regrets
For everything you’ve lost
That’s when you find yourself
Nailed hard to the cross

For his son so loved the world
That he gave his only Dad
But if he had a second chance
I know he would take it back

And you could have regrets
For everything you’ve lost
That’s when you find yourself
Nailed hard to the cross
Track Name: Serpent in the Grass
Last night I got so drunk
I fell in love with almost everyone
(and I started thinking)
It’s funny how the passage of my life has been
Going round in circles since I was sixteen
And mostly I’ve been falling on my arse.

I found you with you head on the throne
You said come here and also leave you alone
And it’s highly unoriginal but also true
That I’d do anything that you want me to
Just as soon as I finish this glass

I surrender I surrender
My heart is feeling tender
Tonight I’ll say I love you
But I probably won’t remember

You know I sometimes speak out of turn
That's a lesson that I'll never learn
I can nver tell if i'm being sarcastic
I try to tell a joke but it comes out spastic
He who laughs longest
Laughs last

I’m half hearted I’m half hearted
I can’t finish what I started
I let my mouth do the talking
But my mouth got too unguarded

This Adam never needed an Eve
To be tempted and to be deceived
The evil thing that’s coiled up inside my head
Makes me say things that I wish I’d never said
It’s the serpent
Oh the serpent in the grass